About Us

This is a forum for all the good men out there in the world dealing with the unfairness of family law, court systems, domestic abuse, false and/or questionable allegations, and other unnecessarily complex relationship/legal matters.

The culture of chivalry and “courtly love”, particularly throughout the last decade, has become a clandestine/benevolent and extremely important accessory to the many forms of inter-sectional feminism that currently exist and slander men.

Scandalum Magnatum” is derived from an English legal principle representing “the slander of great men”.

Here at Forum Scandalum Magnatum we consider all good men to be great and have resurrected the old English legal principle to represent and explain what is happening to men all over the world as a result of the high count of questionable family law, domestic abuse, and other claims/actions, that in many cases treat allegations as verdicts, disadvantage men, redistribute men’s wealth, enslave men, destroy families, and disregard the benefits of fatherhood to children.

Forum Scandalum Magnatum, more than anything, is your forum to say what you want and to seek and/or give help to others that may be experiencing similar issues.

Here at Scandalum Magnatum you will find acres upon acres of father’s rights support/tips, great men, commoners, father’s, laymen, and others (including those that have, not only personally survived the sometimes decades long legal-process and other abuses associated with the systematic unfairness of family law, domestic abuse, and related matters – but also, managed to personally find/design ways to win despite having their backs to the wall the whole way) whom all share one thing in common; good men replete with the acknowledgement that as men/fathers we must all stand together and help each other to overcome the Machiavellian issues created by the combination of inter-sectional feminism and what is sometimes referred to as an abused/broken and/or biased system.

There are 2 ways to join Scandalum Magnatum;

1) Membership One; is totally free. All you need to do is go here http://scandalummagnatum.com/registration/ and fill in the registration form, pay nothing, and get treated equally as a respected Scandalum Magnatum member.

2) Membership Two; involves a one-off donation of US $160.00 and aside from merchandise entitlements and a higher membership grading, Membership Two provides members with access to advanced and personalized levels of assistance/support. The kind that can only come from those with real world legal/global experience with “the system”.

A common concern of good men experiencing relationship breakdowns that have made their way into “the system” is that they feel disadvantaged by the fact that many spouses can manufacture allegations within the existing family/other law frameworks and despite being able to use these claims to their advantage they ultimately experience little or no repercussions when/if the claim is found to be unsubstantiated.

Because these and other unsubstantiated claims slander great men and fathers alike they often also constitute “Scandalum Magnatum“; “the slander of great men”.

Furthermore, popularizing slandering/scandalizing men for government funding, legal advantages, misdirection, and other nefarious purposes, via the application of unsubstantiated and/or questionable claims, statistics, and processes, has unfortunately become a socially fashionable/obnoxious principle that undermines not just the courts power and purpose, but also the fabric of society and families.

As such, governments should be abolishing such trends, not supporting them. But that is not what we see happening in the world right now.

So, what makes Scandalum Magnatum different you might ask?

Too much to put down here. But for starters, not only do we know the problems men face on a global scale and what the solutions to these problems are on on a personal basis – but also, we have the runs on the board with real world experiences/knowledge to prove it.

Up to 65% of our staff are real world survivors whom within various countries managed to navigate their way through extensively protracted legal dilemmas arising from relationship breakdowns involving questionable/unsubstantiated allegations, child access issues, absent father’s rights, and unnecessarily vexatious/inimical spouses.

Between all of us here at Scandalum Magnatum you will rarely come across a fathers/men’s rights problem that we have not encountered and overcome. We are a not for profit organisation that is passionate about uniting, understanding, and helping men; irrespective of color, race, country, issue, or status.