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Reply To: ADVO

Travis Blaxhall

My advice would be to contest the protection order and defend yourself against it.

Particularly if there was no DV and you don’t want to make consent orders.

This stuff is going on all the time where someone’s partner alleges domestic violence occurred and then before you know it you have temporary/interim orders in place that both, reflects what she’s seeking in the long run and are the result of an ex-parte hearing that is basically a hearing where you don’t get to defend yourself.

As far as work is concerned, that depends.

On one hand a part of me says you’re probably best to be straight with them. But then on the other hand, and depending on how much they’ve been told and how understanding they are, it might be best to wait and see.

If they’re of the view that no woman lies about domestic violence matters and the police didn’t really tell them what they were looking for then it might be best to keep work in the dark and say you were a witness to an accident or something like that.

No point losing your job if you don’t have to.