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Travis Blaxhall

Love the title of your thread – couldn’t be more accurate if you tried.

Sounds to me as if you’ve just found out about how biased the family report writing component of the “female law courts” can be.

In case you didn’t know it’s long been a concern of men that have been shafted by the system as to how family reports are compiled. I’m currently in the NSWFCC and I remember when our family report was released it stunned me with the degree to which it only captured information from our family report interviews that favored my X and a custody arrangement she wanted. It was so biased that it was breathtaking. In the very least I recon they should record the interviews for family reports and make the recording available for the parties so that it deters how much editing goes on. But if they do that then they won’t be able to be as biased.

Even though I don’t agree with and/or support them, you’ve got to hand it to the feminists. I mean, my God they’ve got this “legal” system so sewn up that it works perfectly for them day in, day out.