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Felix Spencher

Hi Peter,

Thanks for joining up and providing your kind words.

I always appreciate any positive feedback we get here.

It’s critically important to remember that, as impossible and as unfair as they seem and are, the problems that men face when both, marriages/relationships breakdown and spouses resort to questionable tactics, can be overcome.

Spouses too have to answer and subscribe to the rule of law too, and quite often – provided the man has done his job properly during the time between when he’s handed his wife’s protection order application and the trial – spouses can come unstuck with all the porky pies they tell.

This is why it’s so important to get the correct advice and do the right things from the start.

Which is exactly when your friend did.

There’s thousands of men out there that have been shafted by the system and their spouses that have come out through the other end of the tunnel that now share meaningful relationships with their kids without having to speak to the ex-wives.

And I can tell you that is a liberating feeling.

You look after yourself and feel free to chime in anytime you want.

Best regards,