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Felix Spencher

Hi Johnathon,

Don’t worry about thanking me I like helping men out that are getting shafted by the Mrs. and the system, and I enjoy doing this stuff so men get a fair chance.

Just get yourself settled into the house and a place you can call home, set your business back up from there so your income is sorted, and then – as soon you can – go and get some good legal advice so you know where you stand.

Once you get some legal advice I think you will find things are not quite as bad as they seem, as she can’t continue to deny you access to the children both, without a good reason and one she can prove beyond the balance of probabilities. I doubt her SMS will look good in the eyes of the Judges either.

Whatever you (and this is critically important) do don’t respond to that message and/or her in any way.

At a guess I would say she is going to file an application for parenting orders at the federal circuit court and use her protection order filed at the magistrate court (that you have already been given; the document that kicked you out of your own house) as a means to bolster her federal circuit court application.

I still recommend Corney & Lind https://www.corneyandlind.com.au/ (they do excellent work for some of the best Barristers in town, have a high success rate, know family law like the back of their hand, and they will progress your case from a father’s perspective) – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use someone else if you’ve got someone else in mind.

Don’t worry about the terms I am using like “parenting orders at the federal circuit court”, “the balance of probabilities”, and “protection order filed at the magistrate court”, as whomever lawyer you choose to talk to will explain them to you, and they’re not that complex really.

Still, with that all said, if you need anything explained in the meantime just ask.

Good luck Johnathon.

Go and fight the good fight my friend and be prepared for a system that will, at times, be against you most of the way/time despite the fact that it is still beatable if you play your cards right.