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Kabir Ahuja

Dear Felix,

I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and good advice.

I have downloaded all the documents you referenced and will try my best to complete them over the Easter weekend. I will also make sure that I see a lawyer before I file then to make sure they’re all right.

I liked your idea of including a restraining injunction preventing the parents from taking the child out of Australia so this will be included in the sought orders as well, as you kindly suggested.

I am so glad a friend mentioned to get into contact with you because before that happened I was feeling very annoyed with myself and depressed, whereas now I feel there is hope I will see my daughter again.

Once again thank you and as a token of my thanks I have joined Scandalum Magnatum at level 2, even though at this early stage I feel the $160.00 is well spent.

Thank you my friend, people like you are rare, and circumstances like this, sadly, are not.

Best wishes,