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Felix Spencher

Hey JS,

No problems.

Doesn’t sound like you’re happy about the way your case is being managed?

Are you happy about the way you’re case is being run?.

Did you send in your email to me as per a couple of email/posts back here when you said you would? I looked for it but couldn’t find it,

If you send your information in quickly I can get someone here (probably Joel as he has expertise in property division and matters of separation) to have a first glance look at for you from free; a free advice 1st consultation so to speak? And you only get one get 1 chance to get it right in court.

Only last week Joel managed to get the female ex-partner of a wealthy man’s spousal maintenance claim of ~4220K (they have a young girl and a probably a need for some maintenance but nothing like what she filed for plus she filed her spousal maintenance claim as an act of vindication because her property and parenting cases were not going as well either, well, certainly not as good as they usually do for women crying about every possible thing under the sun to get at their X’s money when they separate) down to absolutely nothing despite the client pulling in about $420K/year. She stormed out of the court room when the decision was announced as the case looked like she would get (at least some of) what she wanted – so certain of success was she that she had apparently already put the deposit down on a new luxury car.