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      C.V. Pandero

      Hi There,

      I have an issue where my X has filed for a protection order application against me and is trying to get half the house I own by filing an application in the fcc. She has only paid ½ of 3 mortgage repayments since she moved in.

      Should I post in the asset and property matter topics forum or the protection order one?

      Best Regards.

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      Felix Spencher

      Hello Mr. Pandero,

      Welcome to the forum.

      You can post in either forum; the asset and property matter forum or the protection order forum.

      To make it easy for you please note that I have already moved your thread/post into the former; the asset and property matter forum.

      Please feel free to go ahead and explain your circumstances and we will do our best to help/comment.



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        C.V. Pandero

        Thanks for your response Felix.

        To some extent the protection order matter has already been resolved as last week I consented without admission just to get it out of the way. There was no validity to her domestic abuse allegations but consenting without admissions seemed like the easiest way to deal with it.

        What has happened is that my ex-partner has placed a caveat on my property and now we have orders that set out various things such as us coming into agreement upon the value of the property within a certain timeframe, who gets to stay in the property whilst all this happens, what orders each party are seeking, and attending a conciliation conference, etc etc.

        I am “allowed” to live in the house whilst the matter progresses through the court but what I don’t understand is how she can do all of this because even though we lived together in the house for 2 years out of our 5 year relationship she has only ever paid ½ of 3 mortgage payments and I had the house before I met her.

        So how can she possibly have an ownership claim to the house that warrants all of this trouble and/or the caveat?

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          Felix Spencher

          Within the Caveat document itself it should state the grounds for her claim.

          If you believe she has no valid claim to the property you will most likely need to challenge/debunk her claim within the context of the caveat’s grounds and/or what is written in the actual caveat.

          Hope that makes sense.

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