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      Rishaan Patel

      I have just been given an ouster order by the police that is basically a protection order that lists my wife as the aggrieved and means I am homeless. This has happened 3 days after I found out that she filed for parenting orders in the federal court as well.

      I know there is a strategic value to her having the protection order in place as her parenting order application makes its way through the courts but this has completely blindsided me as there are multiple false allegations within both her applications and she has done it all whilst supposedly holidaying in another state with her family so I have not seen her for at least 7 days.

      3 days ago when I received the papers for her federal court application I rang her to ask what was happening and after 12 times of her phone ringing out she finally answered. We live in QLD and I don’t know whether she was really interstate or not. The conversation we had was short and she hung up on me as soon as I asked her why she was doing all this and choosing to separate in such a selfish/aggressive way.

      Now that phone conversation is listed as one of the examples of how domestically abusive I supposedly am. I didn’t even abuse her, all I said was why are you doing this.

      Aside from having to find somewhere to live I am guessing, to sort this mess out, prove I am not a domestic abuse perpetrator, and to also see our son again, I am going to need a good lawyer and one I can trust. Can you please recommend a good lawyer to me and/or advise of the best way to tell which of them are good and won’t just take you for all you have got.

      Many thanks in advance.

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      Dasya Singh

      Hi Rishaan,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles. The system and how easily it is manipulated be spouses seriously sucks.
      As far as family lawyers in Brisbane are concerned Karen Carmody is really good. I can recommend her. Just be aware though that she is an experienced/expensive Barrister so you will also need an instructing solicitor. I am sure she could recommend one though if you contacted her.

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      Felix Spencher

      Hi Rishaan,

      I’m also sorry to hear about your troubles as well.

      No one should be evicted from their own home based on allegations that are untrue/unsubstantiated.

      Just to let you know that on our panel here at Scandalum Magnatum we have 2 lawyers both which are retired and have experience both personally and professionally in family law; in both Australia and USA.

      This gives us the ability to ascertain which legal practices might both, best suit a particular purpose and progress a family law and/or other matter from a father/man’s perspective.

      I’ll drop you an email with more information sometime within the next hour or so and hopefully that will set you in the right direction.

      Kind regards,


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