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Protection order breach

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      I made a private application for a protection, which was granted after the respondent failed to appear three times in a row. There was one additional condition on this order, which was a ‘no contact’ condition. This was breached when the respondent used a psuedo lawyer to call me personally after failing to get a response from my solicitor. He claimed to be a forensic examiner of the courts and wanted to discuss my car. He also sent my solicitor documents claiming he was a judge and so forth. I reported these instances to the police, their investigation comprised one phone call to the so-called judge and an attempt to contact the respondent…

      Their findings are as follows:
      “Police followed up with the respondents legal representative who stated the respondent did not request him to directly contact the aggrieved. He contacted the aggrieved directly via email to get further information in relation to a property settlement. The aggrieve is alleging the respondent legal representative is not an actual lawyer. Police attached the legal representative qualification to occurrence. The respondent did not wish to answer any questions. The matter will be finalised as a unsubstituted breach as the respondent did not ask the legal representative to contact the aggrieved directly”

      I attempted to discuss the matter with the police and was told I should seek legal advice or contact the vulnerable persons unit (no answer). These people are more interested in raising revenue by catching people speeding than by upholding the law. What’s wrong with Australia? What options do I have other than make a complaint to the police, which they will investigate themselves, probably to the same standard as the investigation that I am complaining about.

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      Felix Spencher

      Hi JS,

      Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Sounds like the police could/should have done a lot more.

      I think your best option is to both, wait for the next hearing and raise it with the court then, and in the meantime get some good inexpensive representation and/or legal advice.

      I can help you with the latter.

      Just drop me a line at either [email protected] or [email protected] and be sure to notify me here in this thread that you have done so, so I don’t forget.

      Good luck and kind regards,


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      Hi Felix

      Thanks for reading my post, I have contacted you via email and look forward to hearing from you.


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