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Stellar Ignition

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      Steven Jimseson

      They say the moment when the chemicals within a densely composed ball of gas forming a Protostar become compressed/massive enough to convert its hydrogen into helium, achieve nuclear ignition, and become a star; is called stellar ignition.

      Hopefully this post, being the first in the forum, has the same effect.


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      Felix Spencher

      Hi Steve,

      It’s great to see you back and thanks for your post.

      We promised bigger/better things when, early last year, we decided to close shop for half a year or so to consolidate our 3 global father’s family law and men’s right websites/forums into 1, and here it is.

      No matter where you live, who you are, or what you’re going through, this is a forum designed largely for men, and as such it is every man’s 1st port of call for all father/men’s rights and family law matters.

      For more information on what we’re all about please click on and/or cut/paste the link below.


      One final thing; please bear with us for the next few months as we are still fine tuning the website so some functionality may not be complete. Any problems please feel free to let us know.

      Best regards.

      Felix Spencher.

      PS: “Stellar Ignition” – I like it.

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