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The Ultimatum

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      Arthur Abraham

      Recently my wife and I haven’t been getting along very well.

      My hours have been reduced due to COVID19 so we have had some financial pressure as well.

      We were having discussions about splitting up when she just came straight out and told me she wants the house, car, and kids and that I can see the kids every 2nd weekend. Along with that “great” offer she threatened me by saying you know I’ll get it and/or what will happen if you say no, then we’ll just end up in the family court and I will take a protection order out against you and at the same time file for parenting rights at the Federal Circuit Court.

      I’ve had a few mates that have split up and ended up in the family courts and none of them see their kids all the time and none of them have any positive stories to tell about the experience.

      Apparently the women basically get what they want.

      What should I do? Agree with her terms straight away and just give her everything? Or fight it so I can at least try and see the kids 50% of the time?

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      Felix Spencher

      Hi A Abraham,

      The best advice I can give you is to discuss your situation with a good lawyer beforehand so you really know where you stand.

      Give Kim Shaw a ring or email.

      He’s the best in the business with these types of things.

      Here are his details

      Email; [email protected]

      Phone; 0468 378 715

      Kim will tell you precisely where you stand.

      Yours sincerely,


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        Kabir Ahuja

        I second Felix’s comments.

        Iv’e used Kim’s services before and he simplified everything for me, got me 50/50 with the kids and at the end of the day it cost me thousands less than your average legal chamber when start billing as soon as you start talking.

        Highly recommended.


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        Johnny Petheridge

        Yeh I agree with you Kabir.

        I used Kim Shaw before as well.

        And with the strategies he deployed and the shrewdness he used in maneuvering me into a position of power, as opposed to just being another male stuck in the system that is assumed guilty as soon as the mother makes a complaint, we won.

        Can’t speak highly enough of Kim.


        J Petheridge

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